Brief details of services for liner shipping that are provided:


• Coordination with port authorities and/or container terminals for berthings/sailings.
• Coordinate with consortium partners, co-loaders if applicable
• Completing port clearance formalities through Govt. depts.
• Arranging loading/discharging with stevedores/terminal operators,
reefer generators suppliers, etc (agreements, rates, Bay plans etc) • Ship husbandry
• Empty Containers management (M&R)
• Arrange repairs of containers when necessary.
• Arranging delivery/receiving of FCLs for imp/exp containers
• Declaration of transhipment containers if any
• Arrange CFS operation.
• Coordinate with other ports of call
• Arrange Export containers forecasts
• Coordination with ship planners


• Issue delivery orders/bills of lading
• Prepare and lodge imp/exp manifests with customs/port authorities
• Issue arrival notices to consignees
• Issue gate passes to shippers
• Handle cargo claims


• Sales calls on shippers, forwarders, consignees for exp/imp
• Sending sales leads to origins
• Give updates on competition, freight rates, other practices, etc
• Arrange suitable advertisements for declaring vessel, cargo acceptance, etc.

Freight remittances / Tax representation

• Collect freight, THCs, delivery charges, etc.
• Fast remittances to Principals through State Bank of Pakistan
• Representation to Taxation Authorities




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