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Job Title: 54-Senior Structural Welder
Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Primary education, able to read, writes and communicates in simple English language.

Minimum certification / qualification in welding activities in 3G / 4G or 6G or 6GR positions.

Department: Human Resource
Experience: • At least 4 years of relevant working experience in a related industry or shipyard. • Minimum 4 years of hands-on training in welding process.
Apply Before: 2021-03-16

Job Description

i. Generic

  1. Commitment to Core Values
  2. Knowledge of Shipyard Operations
  3. Basic Verbal Communication Skills

ii. Functional

  1. Good Knowledge of welding machines and processes.
  2. Knowledge of welding consumables and its handling.

Good knowledge of defects and its causes.

Job Resposibilities

  1. Understands and follows     all    required work instructions,      procedures and    yard safety   rules and
    regulations based on the IMS requirements.
  2. Performs welding on ships and structures and ensure compliance to all specifications to perform work.
  3. Understands and follows the company rules and regulations and procedures.
  4. To take the lead in welding and to guide the welders during the welding job.

Performs other assigned duties and responsibilities.

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