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Job Title: Senior Plant Performance & Optimization Engineer
Location: Qatar, Qatar
  • A bachelor degree in engineering is required.
  • Intermediate English Language both spoken and written.
  • Intermediate computer skills (e.g. MS Office including Excel and Word) are essential.
Department: Human Resource
Experience: Must have around of 5-10 years’ experience in the area of power plant operations, particularly CCGT plant.
Apply Before: 2021-03-20

Job Description

A Sr. Plant Performance & Optimization Engineer is responsible for the implementation of power plant performance and optimization activities including maintenance and administration of Fuel Demand Model (FDM) and unit specific on-line performance software. He works closely with the O&M teams and provides technical support to all departments.

B.He performs analysis and tests related to the plant performance; making use of the power plant's Pi-historian and DCS systems.

  • Experience in the field of performance and optimization is essential.
  • Ability to understand procedures and instructions specific to the area of assignment.
  • A Sr. Plant Performance & Optimization Engineer reports to the Technical Manager.

Job Resposibilities

The following is a general list of job functions. It should be noted that certain functions that are not on the list below might be required to be performed by the Sr. Performance & Optimization Engineer.

  1. Development and implementation of the plant performance plan and efficiency improvement program.
  2. Monitor and evaluate plan performance & initiates corrective action.
  3. Perform root cause and cost/benefit analysis of performance deficiencies.
  4. Support the operation of the units to provide environmentally clean and reliable capacity ancillary and energy services.
  5. Annual dependable capacity testing & equipment performance testing.
  6. Responsibility for accurate monitoring of daily heat rate reports, daily operating reports and monthly O&M report inputs.
  7. Preparation/validation of monthly energy billing, fuel consumption and other documentary requirements/reports as called for in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA), etc.
  8. Monitoring and analysis of the cost of generation, review and evaluation of plant equipment operating efficiency and test requirements.
  9. Provides recommendations to the O&M teams and Management targeted towards achieving optimum generation costs.
  10. Looking after the Fuel Demand Model and ensure that the contracted performance guarantees are met.
  11. Ensure compliance with Governmental and M Power policy/ regulations in respect of Environmental, Health and Safety aspects and obligations
  12. Perform any additional duties as required.

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