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Job Title: Logistics Officer
Location: Doha, Qatar

1-Diploma/Degree in Logistics/Warehousing/Business Studies/Business Administration/Engineering or in a related discipline is essential

2-Logistics training

3-IATA and ICAO training/certificate

4-Computer training, Microsoft Office and ERP systems

5-SAP training in SD and LE module

6-Good skills in Arabic language (reading and writing)

7-Thorough knowledge of Logistics and Procurement processes and practices in the Middle East

8-Knowledge of Qatar Customs law

9-Knowledge of market and vendors

Department: oil and gas
Experience: Total 10 years include 3-6 years of experience in a similar role within a related logistics environm
Apply Before: 2020-05-05

Job Description

•Assess and organize the logistics needs of the organization in terms of transport requirements, receipt of goods, handling, storage and distribution. •Develop an in-depth Supply Chain management program plan to determine appropriate specifications of required items according to established guidelines and procedures. The logistics plan so developed should be for both normal and contingency situations. The Logistics Officer shall ensure that the plan developed should be in line with the budget and deployment timelines. •Focal Point for Interaction with Government authorities for customs clearance of goods and material •Liaise with Qatar Customs Authorities and MOEI to ensure that all relevant documentation is in accordance with the government requirements. The Logistics Officer shall al

Job Resposibilities

•Interaction with buyers, joint venture companies, MAN Diesel, Cyrostar, STASCO, Logistics Companies (Freight Forwarders), Ports, Vessel Owners, Vessel Masters Port Authorities for approvals and updates •Vessels Masters •Qatari and International Custom Authorities for approval of, custom clearance formalities, inspections. •Qatari Ministries like Ministry of Economy and Finance, Energy and Industry, Environment and other government agencies as may be required for approvals and updates •Qatari Aviation/Airports for shipment/material tracking and delivery •Suppliers, Agents, Freight Forwarders to provide necessary guidance and shipping instruction for delivery of materials/spares •Qatar Steel for export approvals and regulations update •Qatar Chamber of Commerce for document attestati

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