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Job Title: Head of Contracts
Location: Middle East, Middle East

Degree in Marine, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation Engineering, Alternatively, a Degree in Business or Supply Chain and coupled with commensurate experience.

A-Job Specific Competencies: Generic

  1. Commitment to Core Values
  2. Supervisory Skills
  3. Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  4. Computer Literacy (Microsoft Office/Excel/ PowerPoint)
  5. Leadership Skills
  6. Time Management Skills
  7. Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Change Management Skills
  10. Delegating and Empowerment Skills Functional
  11. Knowledge of Qatari Contract Law
  12. Performance Appraisal Skills
  13. Project Management Skills
  14. Knowledge of Shipyard Operations
  15. Budgeting/Business Planning Skills
  16. Negotiation Skills
  17. Finance Skills
  18. Strategic Business Planning Skills
Department: Marine/Oil & Gas/Off shore
Experience: 10-15 years of experience in Shipyard, oil and gas, or process industry experience, plus high level exposure to contracts, terms and conditions and labor laws would be an added advantage.
Apply Before: 2021-06-11

Job Description

his role encompasses the operational leadership and management of all staff responsible for Contracting within Procurement & Supply Chain. It is a key leadership role which recognizes the importance of this key function to in establishing contractually sound, cost effective and available sourcing of safe and quality shipyard services and  labor. Responsible for all day to day operational management, policy compliance & improvement and professional management of the Contracting team.

The role demands high level communication skills to influence internal stakeholders across all projects as well as key external parties. The success of this role will be measured by contractual effectiveness to deliver high availability & low cost on shipyard services and labor. The role is key in underwriting the success of Procurement and is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with key suppliers & providers on a global, regional and local scale for tendering, negotiations, contracting, legal consideration, closure, management of risk, as well as management of critical success factors such as security of supply and delivery performance.

Job Resposibilities

Key Accountabilities!

  1. Manages all processes relating to subcontracting and leads a team of Contracting Officers and Admin Assistants in executing subcontracting work to support the Operations Department which includes
    1. Sourcing and identifying suitable subcontractors and maintain a list of Approved Subcontractors arjd database of subcontractors and their respective scopes.
    2. Securing of subcontractors for project as required by end users.
    3. Evaluation of performance of subcontractors’ performance and identifies areas of improvement.
  2. Formulates policies and strategies to manage the sub-contracting processes in the m0st effective manner.
  3. Develops, cultivate and maintains strategic relationship with sub-contractors.
  4. Performs relevant elements of contract review relating to sub-contractor cost, as required.
  5. Assesses and negotiates sub-contractors' quotations and bills.
  6. Liaises with the Commercial Department on forthcoming repair projects to prepare the upfront sub-contracting for the vessel arrival date and work scope, and the feedback for the costs of critical jobs.
  7. Plans and assigns project to Contracting Officers.
  8. Approves Work Orders.
  9. Monitors and prepares sub-contractor manpower report to the General Manager (Operations).
  10. Settle sub-contractor disputes on Variation Order claims.
  11. Work with contractors, and Commercial Department to establish yard standard tariffs.
  12. Manages Subcontractor Facilities and assigns workshop and office spaces.
  13. Conducts Department Reviews to requirements defined in the QP.
  14. Monitors the performance indicators set for Contracting and defined in N-K0M IMS Policy and Objectives Matrix.
  15. Reports and results of preventive actions at Management Reviews to requirements defined in the IMSP.
  16. Carries out the responsibility for safety and health as defined in the Safety and Health Manual.
  17. Performs any other assigned duties and responsibilities.

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