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Job Title: Inspector Rotating Equipment
Location: Qatar, Qatar

Bachelors/DAE with relevant certifications

Department: Marine/Oil & Gas/Off shore
Experience: Minimum 10 years of experience
Apply Before: 2021-06-11

Job Description

Applicable codes and specifications for the rotary Equipment which is under construction process are:
-    Design code
-    Purchase order specification (all technical Standards of COMPANY)
-    Purchaser's standards
-    Approved drawings
And the applicable codes and standards are:
-    API 618
-    Other Related API Recommendation Practices
Applicable codes and standards may be based on other international standards such as BS 7322.
This content is general and can be useful even if the design code is different from the API Code.

Job Resposibilities

Third Party Quality Inspection for Rotating Equipment:
-    Third Party Quality Inspection for Reciprocating Compressor, 
-    Third Party Quality Inspection for Centrifugal Pump,
-    Third Party Quality Inspection for Gas Turbine,
-    Third Party Quality Inspection for Steam Turbine,
-    Third Party Quality Inspection for Fan and Blower,
-    Third Party Quality Inspection for Centrifugal Compressor,
-    Screw Compressor Testing, 
-    Centrifugal Pump Performance Test,
-    Centrifugal Compressor Testing,
-    Reciprocating Compressor Testing,
-    Fan Mechanical Running test,
-    Fan Performance Test


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