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Job Title: Procurement & Supply Chain Manager
Location: Middle East, Middle East

Bachelors Degree in relevant field/Marine

Department: Marine/Oil & Gas/Off shore
Experience: 10 years relevant shipyard or EPC experience would be plus
Apply Before: 2021-06-15

Job Description

1-The Procurement and Supply Chain functions must continually add shareholder value and deliver optimum performance for growth. 2-The role is central and at the senior level recognizing the importance of the key functions to delivery of shareholder value and is responsible for all strategic direction, policy and guidance for all Procurement, Sub-Contracting and Supply Chain matters. 3- Establishment of contractual conditions & process with suppliers of materials & services for optimal Company benefit an fair practice. 4-Supply of quality, timely and cost effective materials & services to Operations in line with plans and requests. 5-Organised, traceable and systemized inventory as to optimize inventory levels for both production needs and balance/profit & loss sheet impact. 6-Efficient and cost effective logistical services internally and externally.

Job Resposibilities

1-Management of all user requirements of the relevant internal ERP systems and the active development and implementation of eProcurement systems across to procure goods electronically using a third party hosted marketplace. 2-Negotiations with internal project teams and external suppliers to deliver most economically sound outcome with lowest risk and highest return for shareholders. 3-Analysis of all offers and arrangements and the assessment of the most appropriate outcome. 4-Conduct relevant Contract Negotiations and legal closure in conjunction with legal and project staff. 5-Monitoring and management of procurement of goods and services including contracts for all subcontractors. 6-Establish and implement a structured procurement strategy for all major Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) projects. 7-Management of all warehousing and logistics operations including those for remote operations and sites in support of all facilities and projects. 8-Optimization of all inventory stock levels and associated stockholding requirements for to deliver the most economically attainable access to stocks on hand to deliver to projects as required. 9-Delivery on time and within budget from external sources of supply such as overseas suppliers (e.g. steel mills) through the various logistics, port and customs processes including the resolution of all impediments to supply. 10-Overall management, leadership, strategic vision and direction for the Procurement and Supply Chain department working across the range of work. 11-The adherence to all compliance and auditing requirements for the conduct of ethical and transparent operations including the compliance to all Policies and guidelines 12-The management and supervision of all operations in accordance with Health, Safety and Environmental policies and procedures and the effective management of all inspections and audits. 13-Perform any other duties assigned

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