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Job Title: Drilling Engineer
Location: Middle East, Middle East

1-Bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably in Petroleum, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering.


Department: Marine/Oil & Gas/Off shore
Experience: 15 years’ plus experience as a drilling engineer or foreman in the conventional oil industry. At least 10 years of this should be with a major international operator. You should have a minimum of 5 years working as an operations drilling engineer with at least 1 year cumulative time working on a rig as a Drilling Engineer or Drilling Supervisor/Foreman or equivalent.
Apply Before: 2021-08-30

Job Description

1-Drilling Engineer to support and direct drilling engineering functions to support complex drilling operations; and lead major drilling engineering projects that require original or unusual analysis and solutions.
2-As the successful candidate you will have extensive experience with Drilling & Workover rigs for all types of well construction (oil, gas, and exploration).
3-You will have experience to develop cost analysis, and prepare detailed workover evaluations and programs. Prepare standard development practices and procedures to ensure maximum drilling efficiency consistent with safety, economics, reservoir, and aquifer considerations

Job Resposibilities

1-Deliver technical support for many types of drilling wells including complex multi-lateral and extended reach (ERD) horizontal oil and gas wells, HPHT gas wells, offshore and deep water, and unconventional wells. Wells include power water injections and producing wells, exploration wells and all kind of workovers including HST’s.

2-Analyze advanced drilling data and the performance of new or existing drilling techniques to determine a need for or benefit from studies, recommendations, and/or modifications with respect to unit costs, and operating efficiency consistent with established operations.

3-Assume ownership of relevant Saudi Aramco General Instructions and standards and, when applicable, recommend improvements to operational processes and guidelines.

4-Extend training and technical support to junior engineers and ensure the sustained meeting of regional and global standards, practices, and procedures.

5-Provide sound drilling engineering methods and procedures to be used on assigned drilling problems.

6-Execute and accomplish assignments and studies in areas outlined in the scope, assuring conformance to overall objectives of all phases of drilling operations in areas including drilling penetration rate optimization, new drilling technology, and drilling studies.

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