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Job Title: Consultant Engineer (Inspection/Corrosion)
Location: Kuwait, Kuwait

The Consultant Engineer shall possess a B.Sc. in Mechanical / Metallurgical/ Chemical Engineering in the field of Inspection/Corrosion.

Department: Marine/Oil & Gas/Off shore
Experience: A minimum of 20 years of experience in oil and gas industry, including a minimum of 8 years in this post.
Apply Before: 2021-07-30

Job Description

  1. Performs quality control requirements to be performed for company engineering projects: issues general manual for quality control supported by project specific requirements in order to achieve the proper level of quality and fitness for purpose of company installations.
  2. Provides problem solving services to different company teams in matters that fall within the scope of the team function and responsibilities, by analyzing the problem, performing appropriate laboratory testing, non-destructive examination, chemical analysis, etc. using the team laboratory or other local or external facilities and provide technical reports and studies in order to avoid reoccurrence.

Job Resposibilities


  1. Prepares and provides technical and contractual requirements for different inspection/corrosion agreements and consultancy services to be contracted locally and abroad. This is achieved through communications with various company teams, local and overseas organizations and department heads in order to obtain the most viable and cost effective agreement.
  2. Shares in performing technical and quality audits on vendors, manufacturers, bidders, contractors, etc. by visiting and evaluating their capabilities, experience resources, quality systems, etc. in order to assess their suitability for inclusion into the team and/or company contracts or service agreements.
  3. Controls and supervises the inspection activities related to in-service plant and equipment, e.g. gathering centers, booster stations, tank farms, pipelines, etc.. The activity is achieved by planning and supervising the inspection/corrosion work to be made by subordinates and issuing repair, protection, examination and retesting requirements then issuing validity certificates and future recommendations. The purpose of the work is to ensure the safety and integrity of plant and equipment in order to prevent/minimize hazards to life and property, and ensure continuity of operations.
  4. Shall have a valid Kuwaiti Driver’s License.

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