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Job Title: Senior Store Keeper
Location: Qatar, Qatar

Seconadry Education 

Department: Shipyard
Experience: Minimum 05 years
Apply Before: 2021-08-24

Job Description

To execute and coordinate daily workshop incoming and outgoing stock logistics such as unloading, storing, registering tracking etc. This position is a support role for the Workshop and guides junior staff for safe and productive operations. This position is a support role for the Warehouse and guides junior staff for safe and productive store operations.

Job Resposibilities

  1. Raise discrepancy report for the discrepancies found during receipt/ inspection and forward a copy of discrepancy report to Expeditors.
  2. Loading and unloading trucks, order picking, wrapping products, packing, labeling, shipping and receiving.
  3. Maintain a record of discrepancy reports raised.
  4. Arrange for inspection of goods wherever applicable
  5. Assists in the physical receipt and issue of materials
  6. Make sure the material issued to the sections is duly inspected, where applicable.
  7. Filing & documenting the Goods Received & Issue Note for all accepted materials.
  8. Assists in stock taking.
  9. Issue out material to sections in line with relevant procedures.Arranging periodical certification of all items/ equipment requiring certification in coordination with relevant authority.
  10. Receive the materials against the Delivery Notes (DN), Purchase Order and Material Test Certificate (MTC) and check as per receiving procedure

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