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Job Title: API inspector- Shutdowm
Location: Qatar, Qatar

1-Bachelors of Engineering /DAE  with Certification preferbly

• API 510 certified inspector 
• API 580 certified inspector 
• API 570 certified inspector 
• Ultrasonic Testing (Flaw & Thickness) Level II
• Magnetic Particle Testing Level II
• Dye Penetrant Testing Level II

Department: oil and gas
Experience: Minimum 10 years experience
Apply Before: 2021-11-09

Job Description


  • Assignment Duration                      :   Approximately 2 to 3 months
  • Tentative Mob date                         :   December 2021 End or January 2022 start.
  • Total No of Plant inspector to be  mobilized  = 25 Nos
  • Accommodation                     : Provided by Company (sharing)

    Food Allowance                     : Provided by Company  

    Transport                               : Provided by Company ( pool)

    Medical Insurance                  : As per Company policy and Qatar Labour law

Job Resposibilities

1-Normal workings hours at Pre shutdown job  is 08 hours per day (excluding break) and at Post shutdown job is 12 hours per day, 06 days per week

2-Payable time is based on the actual working days / weeks / month at Client’s site and approved time sheet by Client. Travel time from accommodation / office to Client site location, waiting time to obtain RLIC pass, training and medica test shall not be considered as working hours / day

3-Candidate shall not be compensated for hours worked in excess of the normal working hours and / or days without prior written authorization from Clients’ representative.  

4-Costs for mobilization and demobilization tickets will be shouldered by the Company.

5-Overtime will be paid as per agreement / contract between the Client and the Company.

6-This contract will be valid for 02 months ( only for shutdown), however duration will be reduced or extended as per Client / project requirement.

7-As Employee is on contract basis, he will work 06 days in a week and 01 day off (weekly off) which is covered in working day rate.  Other than weekly off, Employee is not entitled for any other leave. Any additional leave will be deducted and treated as unpaid leave.

8-The Employee should remain disciplined and obey the instructions issued by the Employer and or his/her Supervisor.

9-As per Company / Client requirement, medical test will be conducted in Qatar and if Employee fails the medical test and cannot perform the job, Employee will be demobilized to home country.

10-This Contract may be terminated with immediate effect  by the Company or Client should the Employee be guilty of a criminal act, gross default, inability to work, serious misconduct, disobedience, excessive absenteeism, non-compliance with the local customs, alcohol / drug abuses or lack of performances of the services / project completed.

11-Quarantine Days are not payable.Candidate will be paid from the date he joined duty and based on client approved  time sheet.   

12-ther terms will be in accordance with Company policies and procedures.

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