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Job Title: Senior Electrical Inspector
Location: Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

1-You must hold a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. A Masters degree is preferred.

2-You should be able to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of National Electric Code/NFPA 70, IEC or equivalent standards

3-You should also be able to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of electrical installations, preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance, including materials, methods, specifications, and hazardous location classification.

4-General knowledge of ISO 9001 quality requirements as well as international standards, as applicable to your proposed discipline, is required.

5-ISO 9001:2008/2015, NFPA 70 Certified or equivalent will be preferable.

Department: oil and gas
Experience: You should have a minimum of 15 years of relevant industrial experience with at least 8 of those years in the proposed specific inspection specialty.
Apply Before: 2022-01-12

Job Description

1-Senior Electrical Inspector to join our Power Systems Engineering Department (PSED).

2-PSED is responsible for providing and managing highly technical and specialized engineering services to support the safe and reliable operation of company electrical power system generation, transmission and distribution networks.

3-Your primary role will be to manage the inspection team and provide required support to ensure effective inspection tests. You will review the inspection report and evaluate reported actions for management review as well as monitor and perform revisions to contractor quality plans and activities to ensure meeting compliance standards.

Job Resposibilities

1-Develop weekly QC audit plan for all major /critical electrical equipment’s, activities, major repair and pre-commissioning activities.
2-Responsible for coordination among other departments and between inspectors to carry out assigned tasks.
3-Attend regular and task-oriented meeting within department and other departments/contractors.
4-Ensure all findings are properly logged, reported and solved by inspectors during field check in maintenance process. 
5-Review PM defects and evaluate actions required either by following up with field engineering or other departments.
6-Responsible for providing required resources to inspectors to carry out their assigned task/ activities.
7-Prepare and issue the monthly PQI for KPI’s. As well as, prepare the summary PQI to the department head. Maintain PQI target as per established system.
8-Initiate and escalate NCRs, worksheets for not rectified jobs base on violation logged by inspectors.
9-Conduct management review meetings and communicate the recommendations to inspection team, on the effectiveness of the developed quality system.
10-Prepare and deliver a quarterly project quality status report to division head/PSED. 
11-Plan and coordinate all internal/external assessments for critical assets, risks associated along with Inspection Assessment group from ID/ISSD.
12-Coordinate the review repair and task lists procedures and checklist developed by engineering.
13-Coordinate the development of maintenance inspection and test plans.
14-Coordinate the development of set procedures for material handling, roles and responsibilities, forms etc.
15-Review and analyze results and findings of both the internal and external assessments. 
16-Review and approve contractor’s quality plans, procedures, personnel qualification and all Schedule Q deliverables if applicable.
17-Track and maintain quality records related to inspection for PSED.
18-Ensure no overdue inspection as per EIS intervals.
19-Consult with area specialist engineer for any repair that requires material or design change or any engineering evaluations. 
20-Monitor contractor overall maintenance works, quality activities for installation and pre-commissioning if applicable. 

21-Review overall inspectors’ competence, awareness and required trainings to improve their assigned tasks.

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