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Job Title: Senior Welding Engineer
Location: Qatar, Qatar

Qualifications, Experience and Skills


A Degree in engineering ie. Welding / Material I Metallurgy) or its equivalent from a recognized university. Professional Qualification:

CWE (Certified welding Engineer) or equivalent.

Department: Offshore
Experience: Minimum of 10 -15 years' experience in offshore pipeline/ structure/ piping/ vessels dealing with Corrosion Resistance Alloys, sour services in Engineering, fabrication and installations
Apply Before: 2022-03-07

Job Description

Reviews customer contract specifications, drawings and code requirements to determine the welding requirements for welding procedure and personnel qualifications in accordance with standard and project specific requirement. Develop, qualify and provide technical expertise with procedures and welding techniques to improve the welding activities. Provide welding engineering support to sections to fabricate equipment in accordance with applicable codes and project specification. Leads failure analyses and root cause analysis on welding related issues,

Maintains rigorous adherence to safety standards across their whole team, consist of welding work of others to quickly determine if this work has been completed safely and to the necessary standards. Oversees multiple projects and needs to be able to stay organized, manage time well, and allocate resources efficiently, to ensure that their team functions to be able to stay organized, manage time well, and allocate resources efficiently, to ensure that their team functions cohesively and effectively

Job Resposibilities

  1. Review the tender documents, bridging with companys standard for welding and identify the welding procedure and welder qualification.
  2. Provide technical support of procurement activities, including provision of specifications and resolution of technical issues for welding related items.
  3. Selection of welding process and prepare the WPS matrix based on the project drawings, BOM and project specifications.
  4. Prepare and qualify the WPS and Welders/welding operators in accordance with project specification and applicable standards. Monitoring the welding procedure qualification test and welders/welding operator's qualification test.
  5. Maintain WPS, PQR and welders register.
  6. Leads the problem solving to provide solutions in relation to Welding.
  7. Train the welding team and implement the best welding practices.
  8. Maintaining welder performance track record and weld acceptance track records within acceptable limit of Company's and projects' requirement.
  9. Select and estimate the quantity requirements of welding consumables for the projects.

In this capacity, responsibility includes ensure completion of the project within the agreed timeframe and man-hours allocated. Also, accountable to ensure team members discharge these same responsibilities

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