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Job Title: Head of Shipyard Training Center
Location: gulf county, gulf county

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Human Resources or any other related field.

Department: oil and gas
Experience: 8-10 years of related experience of which a minimum of 3 years in managerial position, and Experience of the full ADDIE cycle in a Learning and Development section
Apply Before: 2022-07-07

Job Description

Manage all activities related to the Shipyard training center in terms of identifying training requirements, developing training plans, facilitating the development of the training content, facilitating and overseeing the implementation of the set training plans/activities, and assessing the effectiveness of the conducted training activities, to ensure than the shipyard employees are provided with the required development to fulfill their work requirements, and hence support achieving the shipyard overall strategy and objectives.

Job Resposibilities

  1. Identify the Shipyard training requirements, through the outcomes of the learning needs analysis, capability assessments, surveys, etc.
  2. Build and maintain effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the training Center is providing high quality service to the business.
  3. Prioritize training resources considering the operational requirements and identify budget requirements based on the outcomes of the LNA process, capability assessment...etc.
  4. Coordinate with the respective functions within the shipyard to develop, review, and validate the content of the required technical trainings.
  5. Ensure the best utilization of educational technology and training workshops to elevate the technical skill sets of the workforce to effectively meet job requirements as well as the high safety standards of the Shipyard.
  6. Manage and organize the development and start-up of new Training Programs for the center as required. This includes Trade-based Technical and Soft Skills Training Programs.
  7. Assess, recommend and select the most suitable training delivery approach/provider (i.e. Internal or external training, In-house/external Instructor...etc.).
  8. Work with the different functions within the shipyard to identify and develop potential instructors to deliver the shipyard required trainings and eliminate the dependency on external trainings/providers where possible.
  9. Monitor and manage the performance of the internal and external trainers and instructors and conduct formal classroom observations to evaluate effectiveness of delivered training programs and conduct consecutive feedback sessions as needed.
  10. Work towards promoting the shipyard training center to be a profit center for the organization, through organizing trainings for external audiences. Maintain direct contact with personnel from various outside organizations associated with center activities.
  11. Develop the shipyard training plan and calendar to fulfil the shipyard identified training requirements.
  12. Facilitate the delivery of the planned trainings and assess the effectiveness of the delivered trainings.
  13. Support the Performance Improvement process for employees who are underperforming in their current roles by ensuring that Performance Improvement Plans are in place, and well tracked.
  14. Manage the assigned team member towards analyzing and publishing periodic internal reports on performance management practices and processes.
  15. Manage all phases of the shipyard Performance Management cycle (planning, review, and appraisal).
  16. Manage section staff by overseeing their performance management, recruitment, training and development to ensure high levels of engagement and competence.
  17. Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor
  18. Implement approved departmental policies, processes and procedures.

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