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Job Title: Mechanical Fitter
Location: Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

Vocational school graduate or above

With certain mechanical foundation and ability in understanding drawings; with basic bench work skill; able to coordinate engineering technician to maintain and upgrade equipment

Department: Machinery
Experience: More than three years' experience as mechanical fitter
Apply Before: 2022-05-20

Job Description

Familiar with office software such as Word and Excel as well as CAD in addition to related professional knowledge

Job Resposibilities

  1. Strictly following the work station' and machine's safety operation specification and rules on surrounding environment.
  2. Repairing and maintaining the production machines.
  3. Repairing and maintaining the accessory machines outside the production line.
  4. Assisting technicians in the machines' installation and innovation as well as fabrication of clamp tools.
  5. .Guaranteeing the machines' completeness after maintenance with no parts missing.
  6. Carefully maintaining the equipment and regularly inspecting them to timely report any noticed abnormality and potential dangers.
  7. Filling in shifting record
  8. Following HSE rules and mastering the company's major environmental factors and potential dangersCompleting the work assigned from above level.


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