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Job Title: Senior Operator (Offshore)
Location: qatar, Qatar

High School graduate followed by a relevant vocational training

5 years operator experience in the oil and gas sector.

Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English

Department: Offshore
Experience: Must have 5+ years’ offshore platform experience or having 5 to 10 years’ offshore experience.
Apply Before: 2022-08-19

Job Description

Works according to established operating plans, programs and procedures for senior operator role for offshore.
The job involves continuous presence in an outdoor work environment associated with harsh weather conditions within the offshore environment, operating field equipment at high elevation, physical engagement during operating process equipment and covering a wide range of area during operator rounds. Position requires timely and precise guidance from panel operator during facility upsets and troubleshooting activities.
Active member of the Offshore Emergency Response Team, responsible for first line incident response.
28/28 day rotation cycle working 12 hours shift cycle in an offshore environment.

Job Resposibilities

1. Operate field equipment in accordance with operational procedures and approved safety procedures to ensure effective performance and optimum operational status of equipment.
2. Perform remote wellhead visits as directed by immediate supervisor.
3. Monitor and log all operating parameters, perform pro-active monitoring of field equipment and ensuring that all irregularities are reported to immediate supervisor for advice and/or resolution.
4. Apply operational expertise for the resolution of production/process problems and to enhance in field operator capabilities.
5. Prepare equipment or site for maintenance as per PTW requirement, follow up execution and recommission equipment upon satisfactory completion of work and PTW closure.
6. Provide first-line response in the event of an emergency or a major incident in order to eliminate/ limit potential loss or damage to company personnel, assets and the environment.
7. Ensure incoming reliever is fully briefed of current operating status and significant events during previous shift to ensure seamless hand-over of responsibilities.
8. Apply all permit to work requirements and expectations throughout permit to work issuance in field and during PTW field audits.
9. Ensure personnel and job safety through unit surveillance, regular safety walks, PTW audits and initiating Safety Observation Cards.
10. Support well maintenance, well operations, pigging activities, well intervention activities, and on line process samplings, as directed.

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