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Job Title: Integrated Planning Analyst (MM958)
Location: GCC., GCC.

Bachelor Degree in a related field

Department: oil and gas
Experience: Must have experience in Logistical (Marine Vessels/Aviation) Resource Planning with oil and gas offshore and onshore both
Apply Before: 2023-01-23

Job Description

The Integrated Activity Planner reports directly to department manager and collates and analyses logistics demand data from internal and external stakeholders in conjunction with market knowledge to construct forecasts, recommendations and strategic/tactical plans which will secure the optimal resources are hired for uninterrupted support to offshore drilling and production for all companies in the State.

Job Resposibilities

1. Develop, implement and maintain a state-of-the-art activity planning process that have the capability to serve all offshore operations in the state . Supervises, directs and controls assigned OOC’s personnel engaged in the activities of Joint Services – Activity Planning

2. Develop, create, and implement a long-term strategy that shall support a planning process that has clear policy, processes, standards, guidelines, benchmarks and systems. Integrate the planning processes and systems into the overall department management system and national framework for the energy sector. Seek out and engage with external shareholders, forums and committees to evaluate and consider the longer term forecast business needs and opportunities of the wider energy sector, and deliver efficient, cost effective solutions

3. Coordinate and collect data from internal departments and external JV companies to construct an integrated, long-term logistics demand forecast

4. Analyse and interpret the work forecast considering critical/constrained activities and priorities, as well as market and production trends, to make recommendations and strategic/tactical plans for the department manager on the optimum number of vessels and helicopters required to efficiency manage offshore production needs.

5. Analyse and interpret the work forecast considering critical/constrained activities and priorities to make recommendations and investment plans for the department manager on the optimum configuration of enabling facilities (Port, Heliport, off-shore installations facilities like cranes, helidecks, etc) also share your cv at and cc at

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