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Job Title: MM969 - Process Engineer - HydrogenHydrotreating
Location: Saudia, Saudia

You must hold a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from a recognized and approved program.  An advanced degree is preferred.

Certified PHA/HAZOP leader.

Department: oil and gas
Experience: You should have a minimum of 15 years total refinery process units experience (process engineering and operations) with at least 10 years’ experience in handling Hydrogen/Hydrotreating units.
Apply Before: 2022-12-09

Job Description

We are seeking a Downstream Process Engineer with an experience in Hydrogen/Hydrotreating processes to join Ras Tanura Refinery Engineering Department.

Your primary role will be to provide exceptional process engineering support, monitoring plant performance, capture optimization opportunities and value-creation programs for the operation of hydrogen purification and generation units as well as hydrotreating units in order to operate safely, reliably, and economically as well as achieve target goals while realizing company strategic imperatives.

Job Resposibilities

As the successful candidate you will be required to perform the following:

Perform in-depth plant monitoring and optimize performance of Hydrogen/Hydrotreating units by overseen unit’s operation and economics losses.

Issue detailed reports to recommend changes supported by simulation models’ result to optimize unit operation.

Lead unit operations troubleshooting and investigating off-spec. products and plant trips/ upsets and manage the required deliverables. Support Operations during turnaround and unplanned Shutdowns / Startups by understanding the unit operating conditions and transient effects to recommend operations improvements

Perform specific tasks such as, but not limited to catalyst forecast/ evaluation, test runs, de-bottlenecking studies, due-diligence assessment, enhancement studies, HAZOP studies.

Lead process safety management overseeing HAZOP, PSR, SIL, PSSR, QRA, and Alarm Rationalization. Lead HAZOP/Process Safety Reviews of plant operations as well as new modifications.

Manage long and short-term projects by proposing major projects to improve safety, reliability and profitability. Prepare design requests, budget justifications and detailed implementation plans for economically justifiable projects. Also, develop detailed engineering design packages for in-house process-oriented projects and follow up on implementation.

Review in-detail and revise standard work procedures like new operating procedures, instructions, RIMs, alarm and ESD check list, MOC, HAZOP, JSA, Relive valves, plant drawings.

Ensure environmental and safety awareness effectiveness with work closely with the facility Safety and Environment management to improve safety and achieve highest environmental standards.

Liaise with vendors and technology licensors for process enhancements and changes as well as with Engineering Services Department for any technology assessment and piloting support.

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