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Job Title: Supervising Operator - Oil Gas Axens Isomerate Unit - MM 978
Location: Saudia, Saudia

You should have a minimum experience of 11 years of which 5 years should be as a console operator within an Axens Isomerate unit.

You must have experience in startup, shutdown and emergency procedures.

A thorough knowledge of plant layout and the applicable operations is essential.

You must possess flexibility to rotate and direct operations in other plants of similar complexity after a reasonable break-in period.

You should also be familiar with utilizing multi variable controllers to achieve maximum economic benefits.

Department: oil and gas
Experience: You should have a minimum experience of 11 years of which 5 years should be as a console operator within an Axens Isomerate unit.
Apply Before: 2022-12-26

Job Description

Your primary role will be to monitor the plant operations within the target operating windows and provide direction to the shift workers to perform troubleshooting of encountered upsets with knowledge on startup and shutdown procedures safely

Job Resposibilities

As the successful candidate you will required to perform the following:

Handling the Total Distributed Control System (DCS) and other advanced technology systems installed in the oil/gas plants to monitor and control the unit operations.

Monitor the plant products give-away on a continuous basis.

Take appropriate action to reduce product losses. In addition to using the on-line software and hardware analyzers to reduce plant giveaway, utilize other advanced technology programs such as Neural Net Network Capability Models and Multi-variable Controllers (MVC) on related process units under your control.

Utilize Power Monitoring System (PMS), which combines digital electric power meters with software-based PC system to obtain operational benefits and reduce the plant electric power consumption to reduce electric power usage

Utilize Performance & Profitability Monitoring System (PPMS), that provide the operator with a real time economic indicator (Gross, variable and net margin), to enable you to maximize your unit contribution to the Company revenue.

Control unit upsets and bring it to a safe and normal operation level.

Perform trouble shooting and problem-solving during equipment or unit failure and performs start-up and shut down of the equipment/unit safely.

Provide direction to the Operators.

Provide training to new operators in the unit.

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