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Job Title: Energy Engineer - MM989
Location: Saudia, Saudia

You must hold a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, Energy Engineering or equivalent

You should have a minimum of 12 years’ experience in refining /oil and gas plants /petrochemical industries.

You must be proficient in the codes and standards in the oil and gas industry, i.e., API, BS, ISO, ASME, ANSI, IEC, ISA, IEEE, etc.

You should have Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills in the field of energy engineering.

Familiarity with ISO-50001 Energy Management is required.

You should have working knowledge of oil/gas-related plant processes.

You should have familiarity with development of energy efficiency roadmap, energy baseline and setting targets of energy key performance indicators.

You should have strong data collection and data analytic experience to observe the energy saving opportunities and advise for better energy performance.

Department: oil and gas
Experience: You should have a minimum of 12 years’ experience in refining /oil and gas plants /petrochemical industries
Apply Before: 2022-12-27

Job Description

Your primary role will be to handle energy engineering aspects. This will include ensuring energy management compliance and improving energy efficiency of multiple operating facilities from Global Manufacturing Admin Area.  You will also be responsible for providing technical support on high priority energy engineering and management issues.

Job Resposibilities

As the successful candidate you will be required to perform the following:

Develop energy efficiency roadmaps for oil and gas refineries.

Develop energy baseline and energy KPIs to analyze the energy performance.

Ensure energy compliance and efficiency of each operating facility.

Develop and maintain energy policy, documents and procedures.

Work with refinery energy team to identify energy saving opportunities and make recommendations to achieve more energy efficient operations.

Analyze and monitor refinery energy use on a daily basis and conduct energy audits.

Monitor refinery energy intensity indicators and control them toward energy efficiency.

Conduct jobsite observation, field inspections or sub-metering to collect data for energy conservation analyses.

Conduct internal energy benchmarking studies among the oil and gas refineries.

Organize technical exchange workshops among the oil and gas refineries and develop and deliver training material to promote energy awareness among refinery personnel.

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