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Location: Saudia, Saudia

You must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.  An advanced degree is preferred.

You should have a minimum of 10 years experience working in Petroleum Refining Laboratory.

You should be fully aware of ISO17025  – preferable a certified  ISO17025 auditor.

You should be fully aware of ISO 45001 – preferable certified on ISO45001 standard.

Experience in instrumental analytical methods such as; GC, ICP, AAS, IR, UV-VIS is required.

Experience in tests methods related to crude oil and its refined products reference test methods like: ASTM, IP, SMS, UOP and others is also a requirement.

You should be knowledgeable in quality control methods used at analytical laboratory.

Experience in operating commonly used lab analyzers related to petroleum industry is preferred.

Experience in using laboratory LIMS system is a must.

You should have knowledge of statistical quality control laboratory methods.

Department: oil and gas
Experience: You should have a minimum of 10 years experience working in Petroleum Refining Laboratory
Apply Before: 2022-12-27

Job Description

Your primary role will be to operate lab equipment to international standards, implementing tests methods, upgrading lab analytical technologies, training lab technicians on testing methods, giving technical support to lab clients, conducting lab analytical studies and to assure the lab operations are adhering to regulations and engineering standards, ISO17025 and ISO45001 requirements

Job Resposibilities

As the successful candidate you will be required to perform the following:

Calibrate and troubleshoot lab equipment, acquire new technologies and updating lab records.

Implement lab test methods and assure the in-use lab tests methods are up-to-date.

Train lab personnel on lab analyzers and laboratory test methods.

Develop quality system related to lab equipment.

Conduct Lab Analytical Studies and issue reports.

Address lab clients’ requests.

Implement safety rules on area of responsibility.

Update lab management on lab operations.

Purchasing labware materials such as; Chemicals, Equipment and others.

Improve the safety and quality of the assigned testing areas.

Optimize laboratory resources.

Seek and adapt latest technologies and implement them at RTA-Lab.

Give technical presentations and share knowledge.

Participate in incident investigation activities concerning laboratory/ plants processes as required.

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