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Job Title: Maintenance Planner - MM1026
Location: Saudia, Saudia
  • Minimum Years of Experience: 11
  • Special Field of Experience: Eleven (11) years varied craft experience
  • Valid SAG Driver's License
  • Limited Working Proficiency English
Department: Power Operations Department
Experience: Minimum Years of Experience: 11
Apply Before: 2023-01-31

Job Description

POD is seeking for Maintenance planner who plans, estimates and schedules maintenance work in an Industrial Maintenance Division. Utilizes corporate maintenance computer programs and databases such as SAP to provide information in a timely efficient manner. Coordinates stepped work within the same organization (Different Work Centres). Analyse and prepare organization daily/weekly schedules.

Job Resposibilities

•    Processes work orders. Visits job site when necessary. Utilizes knowledge of craft skills and knowledge of the equipment involved, and places job steps in the proper sequence.

•    Identifies all materials, tools, equipment, and special preparations required for each job step. 

•    Provides the foremen with a completed package at minimum cost. Ensures that materials are received prior to scheduling the job. Ensures that surplus and excess materials are returned to the proper materials handling personnel for eventual return to the Storehouse.

•    Arranges for and schedules support service equipment, to coincide with the maintenance order scheduling. Provides maintenance performance monitoring data for his assigned area or unit. Prepares Whole Job Standards and reviews the log of existing Whole Job Standards for potential application.

•    Participates in the Weekly/Schedule Coordination Meeting and presents the Weekly Schedule of workable maintenance jobs from the backlog. Ensures which jobs will be worked in the upcoming week.

•    Prepares daily schedules from the approved Weekly Schedule. Coordinates daily schedules with Maintenance Foremen, Supervisor and Operations Foremen and ensures that a complete planning package is attached to the work order. Checks, received materials and issue to craftsmen.

•    Request crane/trailer and ensures contracts readiness or other resources required on the daily scheduled jobs. Lists, edits and checks all issued maintenance tickets and plans/schedules work.

•    Plans major jobs with the assistance of senior planner and develop critical path charts if required. Updates maintenance order statuses. Generates Plant Maintenance reports. Provides maintenance performance monitoring data for his assigned area. 


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