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Job Title: Head of Environment, Health and Safety (Head of EHS)
Location: Gcc., Gcc.

The Head of EHS should have a combination of relevant experience, qualifications, and EHS knowledge to be adequately competent in order to carry out the respective tasks. The following minimum criteria or equivalent should be met by the Head of EHS:

  • Must hold a NEBOSH International Occupational Health and Safety Diploma or equivalent;
  • Ability to understand procedures and instructions specific to the area of assignment;
  • Must be able to prepare, review and audit working procedures;
  • Must be able to prepare reports on all technical matters;
  • Must be capable of conducting investigations on plant accidents and incidents;
  • The ability to plan administer and supervise training in all areas of safe working is essential;
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in developing, implementing and continuously improving Quality and Health & Safety Management standards requirements.
  • Good English oral and written communication skills are necessary;
  • Team player and able to build and maintain relationships both internal and external;
  • Intermediate computer skills (e.g. MS Office including Excel and Word) are essential.
Department: Power Plant
Experience: 8 years experiences as Head of Safety or other EHS related managerial role;
Apply Before: 2023-06-28

Job Description

The Head of Environment, Health and Safety (Head of EHS) will manage the Environmental, Health and Safety programmes and provide support to MPCL ensuring that they operate in compliance with all applicable EHS regulatory requirements, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and other requirements.

The Head of EHS serves as an influential member of the plant leadership team, who impacts decision making and works closely with senior management, EHS committee, and contractors to ensure that a robust, continual-improvement based Integrated Management System is in place and managed effectively.

Job Resposibilities

  1. Manage all aspects of the Environment, Health and Safety of the Plant;
  2. Manage, supervise and guide the Environment, Health, and Safety Officer (EHSO), Fireman, Medic and Security team;
  3. Conduct Plant Safety inspections and walk downs;
  4. Work closely with Senior Management team to ensure EHS Programmes are set, implemented and monitored to ensure regulatory compliance;
  5. Ensure that EHS activities and processes comply with MPCL Integrated Management System (IMS) procedures and policies;
  6. Assist in the identification of possible losses; evaluating the risk in such loss exposure;
  7. Ensure contractors worksites are inspected to ensure compliance with the Permit For Work, Risk Assessments, SOPs, and MPCL IMS;
  8. Maintain and update procedures for safe work practices and equipment;
  9. Develop and Implement the EHS internal and external training program;
  10. Ensure inspections by regulatory agencies are coordinated and deficiencies minimised and corrected;
  11. Where required, intervene in coordination with other departments on facility deficiencies or where EHS is compromised on projects.
  12. Ensure that all documentation associated with permits and regulatory requirements are logged;
  13. Liaise with external bodies regarding EHS and attend all necessary meetings;
  14. Compile and review all EHS related data and KPIs;
  15. Develop and maintain Emergency Plans & Procedures;
  16. Lead investigations into plant accidents and incidents, and recommend corrective actions;
  17. Maintain working relationships with Regulatory Agencies and coordinate regulatory programs and its permitting applications.
  18. Manage EHS Committee meetings;
  19. Participate and assist with internal and external audits;
  20. Where required and for complex works, participate in Risk Assessments.
  21. Comply with all local laws, company protocols and EHS obligations.
  22. Contribute to continual improvement of the IMS and carry out responsibilities under each applicable procedure.






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