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Job Title: QA-1030 - Field Operator – Product Handling/ Jetty Operator
Location: Qatar, Qatar

Minimum of High School + 2 years Diploma in relevant discipline

Department: Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Chemical, or Oil & Gas Industry.
Experience: Minimum of 5 years direct experience working in Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Chemical, or Oil & Gas Industry.
Apply Before: 2023-07-27

Job Description

The role holders in this level will have shift responsibility for monitoring, controlling and expertise in Operating the entire area in the field. They work independently with minimum supervision on a shift basis and will be required to have deep knowledge of the plant equipment, and an analytical approach and the ability to identify real and potential problems. Role holders at this level are deployed in the field on a shift basis and have responsibility for operating and monitoring field equipment, in an allocated area of the plant to assist in achieving effective optimum operational status.

The role holders have an emergency response role and must ensure that all activities are carried out in compliance with company Occupational Health, Quality, Safety and Environment procedures.

  • Monitor and log all operating parameters to ensure operations are within normal limits that all irregularities are reported to immediate superiors.
  • Monitor overall equipment performance to ensure export targets are met and that outputs meet quality standards. Prepare equipment performance reliability reports (daily, weekly, monthly) as required.
  • Provide supervisor with work status reports to enable effective monitoring of overall progress against agreed plans.
  • Gather and organize product movement and shipping data for recent production periods and compare performance to initial forecast.
  • Use communication equipment to convey work instructions to hired manpower and mobile equipment operators and maintain contact with plant for feed and jetty and transport operators for export.
  • Operate field equipment in accordance with operating procedures and approved safety and environment procedures to ensure effective and optimum operational status of equipment. Make decisions to stop/start equipment based on experience and abnormal situations.
  • Provide immediate first-line response capability in the event of emergencies or major incidents to eliminate or limit potential loss or damage to Company personnel, assets and the environment.
  • Perform and provide the necessary assistant on-the-job training of new and trainee operators to ensure they   develop the necessary skills to independently operate the allocated areas of the plant.

Perform and adhere to housekeeping procedure to maintain a safe, clean and neat work environment

Job Resposibilities

·      Understand and having knowledge of plant processes, including production of ammonia, urea, melamine as well as utilities processes.

·      Good knowledge and understanding of the planning required to schedule loading, unloading or transfer of product, product scheduling and delivery process for vessels.

·      Understand the importance of accurately recording and reporting product made, product in inventory, product in transit and product delivered and its relationship to financial risk exposure management.

·      Know how to control an emergency or critical situation, prepare shut down and start up process systems in a safe and controlled manner protecting personnel from injury and plant or equipment from damage.

·      Know how to read diagrams and extract information from engineering drawings and specifications.

Know how to use the full complement of firefighting equipment and understand the Permit to Work (PTW) system


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