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Job Title: MM1054 - Senior Dimensional Controller
Location: Qatar, Qatar

Primary education, able to read, write and communicate in simple English language

Ability to read and understand structural drawings and minimum certification / qualification in structural fitting and assembl Experience

Ability to read and understand structural drawings.

Minimum certification / qualification in structural fitting and assembly, Hands on ex rience on Sokkia Total

Department: Steelworks
Experience: At least 1 Year of relevant working experience in a related industry or shipyard
Apply Before: 2023-11-09

Job Description

Responsible for executing steelworks structural dimensional measurements & other jobs to specifications & requirements. To complete assigned tasks given in a productive & safe manner. This is an industrial worker job; all work is executed to a high quality & auditable standard that is consistent Wth the companies integrated management systems (IMS) & policies

Read general arrangement, work orders and production schedules to determine job instructions. Ensure those jobs (i.e. cutting, welding, fitting) are carried out as per schedule given by supervisor.

  1. Takes the dimension of structure after fit and before release of the final product and provide feedback to immediate superior.
  2. Before commencement of operations, cany out equipment inspection and update the observation of the operators check list.
  3. Carry out pre-start inspection of equipment, completion of checklists and report any identified abnormality.
  4. Conduct risk assessment within areas of operation, (such as take 5) and ensure that risk (risk probability and consequence) is well understood and eliminated or controlled for the job and work area. Working closely with Supervision to ensure that operations are activities are sanctioned, supervised and monitored.
  5. Ensure work area preparation and housekeeping are completed safely and diligently.
  6. Follow quality, safety and environment in accordance with the requirement of the integrated Management System Manual,
  7. Raise hazard report regularly as per NKOM policy.
  8. Contributes through ideas for improvement to the employee suggestion scheme.

Hands on experience on Sokkia Total station is preferred

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