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Job Title: MM1056 - Assistant Third Engineer
Location: Qatar, Qatar
  • Degree/Diploma in Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Third Engineer (or fourth Engineer) Certificate meeting the requirements set out by STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Sealers).
  • Third / Second Assistant Engineer's License earned through a regulatory body (i.e United States Coast Guard

(USA), Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK)

Department: Machinery
Experience: Earned the rank of' third engineer by working Bay up as member of the engine room crew onboard vessels, At least 5 years' relevant working experience onboard vessels (LNG, Tanker etc.)
Apply Before: 2023-11-09

Job Description

This job provides supervision & technical control for industrial work, where the Assistant Foreman (Mercantile Marine Third Engineer position held) is responsible for controlling jobs associated With the marine vessel engine room, deck, cargo, machinery and related auxiliary areas, particularly main & auxiliary systems. As a Third Engineer, a high level of trade skill & experience is demanded & is expected to be demonstrably applied to technical problems & mentoring of trades employees. Accordingly, duties may also extend to sewage processing & treatment, general maintenance, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) & various types ofdeck cargo equipment. All work is executed to a hi h ualit & auditable standard that is consistent with the com anies inte rated mana ements stems & Policies.

Evaluate requirements through reviewing designs, schematics, drawings, (liagmlss and any other technical submissions and inspect jobs at site to establish specifications.

  1. Apply general engineering principles and sound judgment to ensure work process, systems and outputs such as services and products comply with the codes and standards.
  2. Develop work plans from conceptual design through detailed design packages including systems' designs, production, specifications and schedules.
  3. Monitor and inspect works' progress to ensure they comply with the approved drawings and specifications.
  4. Conduct periodic assessment of work against engineering specifications and recommend the appropriate corrective , preventive actions.
  5. Interface with clients on work progress and completion against requirements.

Apply skills, knowledge and ability to ensure designs, systems and process enable target production throughput rate to be safel achievable in line with Section Plan

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