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Job Title: Control Room Engineer II
Location: Gcc., Gcc.
  • An engineering related education
  • Having knowledge and exposure of modern process operations.
Department: Generation- Power
Experience: Combine cycle power plant, minimum experience is 7 years
Apply Before: 2024-02-22

Job Description

The Control Room Engineer-II  ( GTG/HRB/MSFE/BOP ) will be responsible for plant day to day operations from the control room to ensure the plant meets the required availability, reliability, efficiency, generation and cost targets, safely and within strict technical and environmental limits. This will include regular equipment start-ups, shutdowns, equipment changeovers and regular operation / monitoring, electrical switching from CCR up to 11 KV level, as well as responding to alarms and plant emergency conditions. The role requires a detailed understanding and practical experience of the technologies associated to operating a modern Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plant, HRB , Desalination , Remineralization plant and a wide range of their associated auxiliary equipment.


Safety & Environment:

  • Ensures compliance to safety, quality and environmental management procedures.
  • Operates plant within defined operating parameters to ensure safety of staff, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/services and a responsible environmental attitude.
  • Raises Incident/Accident report when necessary.
  • Participate in all HSE Tasks such as but not limited to safety audits, tool box talks and safety walks etc.

Plant Operations:

  • Ensures optimum performance of the plant at all times and maintains the level as required by off taker ( NCC/NWCC) control centers.
  • Performs periodic plant test activities to ensure reliability of trip devices and standby plant equipment
  • Performs electrical switching operations from
  • Performs safe start-up and shutdown procedures to maintain optimum reliability / availability of power and water plant equipment.
  • Taking timely, well-coordinated and safe actions during plant emergency or under transient situations to save the Power & water plant from trips or critical equipment failures.
  • Handle all type plant emergency situation to maintain the RFA Plant availability and reliability.
  • Ensure, Report and Monitor plant all equipment healthiness / review alarms / monitor chemical reading / availability of standby equipment.
  • Monitors performance of the plant and critical equipments during operation and shut down conditions.
  • Monitors and analyses performance parameters of the plant for any change and performs corrective actions necessary to keep the plant in a safe and efficient running condition.
  • Planning and controlled changeover/ shutdown of plant equipmentfor maintenance purposes
  • Directs and guides Field Engineers to operate plant equipment in the field and conduct routine plant test/ changeover/maintenance activities.
  • Perform the role of incident commander in case of emergency in the absence of the Control Room Engineer I / STL.
  • Prepares the following reports ;
    • All type of Shift Reports
    • Shift Operations Control Room Log
    • Other reports related to equipment operation

Raising Plant Defects and  Planning:

  • Raise Defects / Job Cards / Assignments/ Modifications to execute the plant maintenance activities.
  • Follow up all critical defects to ensure plant equipment availability / Reliability.
  • Coordinating with the STL and maintenance staff to schedule planned and unplanned maintenance activities.

Support CRE-I & STL / Prepare and issue safety documentation to ensure safe isolations from the system for the purpose of planned and unplanned maintenance activities

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