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Job Title: Field engineer III
Location: GCC., GCC.

An engineering related education

  • Having knowledge and exposure of modern process operations, 
Department: Power Plant
Experience: Combine cycle power plant, minimum experience is 7 years.
Apply Before: 2024-02-22

Job Description

The Field Engineer-III  ( GT/HRB/MSFE/BOP ) will be responsible for local operation of the plant to ensure it meets the required availability, reliability, efficiency, generation and cost targets, safely and within strict technical and environmental limits. This will include regular equipment start-ups, shutdowns, equipment changeovers and regular operation / monitoring of the plant from field / LCRs  as well as responding to alarms and emergency conditions. The role requires a detailed understanding and practical experience of the technologies associated to operating a modern Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plant, HRB , Desalination plant , Remineralisations Plant and a wide range of associated auxiliary equipments


Safety, Quality & Environment:

  • Perform all operational activities in line with the safety management system and environment management systems.
  • Responsible to perform the duties as Designated Person and other duties in line with the implementation of safety rules.
  • Perform any tasks which may be assigned in the occurrence of any emergency under the Plant Emergency Response Procedure.

Plant Operations:

  • Conducts routine plant ( GTG/HRB/MSFE/BOP/ Auxiliary Equipment)checks i.e. plant round ups, monitoring , reporting any abnormality of all rotating / stationary / emergency equipment and completion of all kind of logs.
  • Perform actions under direction from the CRE-II/CRE-1/ STL(.) to avoid any abnormal plant operations or to take corrective actions to abnormalities, handling any local emergencies.
  • Prepare the plant and plant equipment for start-ups in accordance with operations procedure.
  • Performs plant shut down and extended shut down preservation of plant routines in accordance with operations procedure.
  • Perform manual intervention actions during trip conditions and maintains close supervision to ensure safe run down of RAF plant and it associated auxiliary equipment.
  • Practical application of safety rules performing safe plant isolations from the system to allow routine planned/unplanned/emergency maintenance activities. De-isolates and restores plant equipment safely following any kind of maintenance activities.
  • Perform routine assigned maintenance activity on the plant such as lube oil top-up/ filters replacements etc. in the absence of maintenance personnel.
  • Support CRE-II during emergency situations
  • Carry out the sample analysis of the Power plant & water plant process in cases where Chemist is not on-site or as per requirement of plant operation which includes but not limited Steam/water cycle, distillate, potable water, sea water and other samples.
  • Monitors and evaluates performance of various plant systems and equipment.
  • Responsible for maintaining safety and housekeeping of the plant.
  • Initiates routine operational activities/equipment change overs/ ODG reading/ maintain all local area logs and reports.
  • Learn and able to perform the duties of CRE-II whenever necessary.

Maintenance activity:

  • Perform lube oil top up/ equipment filter replacements / LSF level top ups as required on plant equipment
  • Perform routine site inspections / monitoring on routine basis to update plant equipment status.
  • Carry out dewatering routine activities in specified areas of the plant as required.

Raising Work Orders Regarding Defects and Abnormal Conditions :

  • Raise Defects / Job Cards / Assignments/ Modifications to execute the plant maintenance activities.
  • Follow up all critical defects to ensure plant equipment availability / Reliability.
  • Assistance to maintenance personnel to pinpoint equipment defects when necessary.
  • Confirm the performance of the equipment after attending the defects.

Management of Plant Chemicals :

  • Responsible for changing over of chemical tanks and chemical preparations.
  • Responsible for ensuring that sufficient chemical tank levels are available for plant operations.
  • Monitoring of any chemical leaks/spills and take immediate corrective action to contain in.
  • Ensure all Chemical related PPE and MSDS are available and maintained at site.

Maintaining Water Quality:

  • To ensure the export quality of potable water to meet with the WHO guide lines and potable water quality standards set in PWPA.
  • Monitor and maintain all parameters related to water quality.

Policies & Procedures:

  • Follow all relevant operational procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • Follow and support on company policy, procedures and guidelines on Health, safety, Environment and Information security

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