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Job Title: Production Engineer
Location: GCC., GCC.

A Diploma or a Degree in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or its equivalent.

Level 1 National Association of Corrosion Engineers (N.A.C.E).

At least 5 years of experience as  Supervisor or in similar position in Marine or New building Yard.

Knowledge of all types of surface preparation and coating systems

Department: Shipyard
Experience: At least 5 years of experience as Supervisor or in similar position in New building Yard or shipyard
Apply Before: 2024-08-01

Job Description

As a Subject Matter Expert (SME), the Production Engineer provides the technical problem-solving ability for production engineering process and planning.

The Production Engineer leads work teams and controls production process for initial blast and painting process, to a high quality & auditable standard that is consistent with contract work scope,

statutory & code requirements, Integrated Management System (IMS) procedures, design parameters, site survey inputs, specifications, stress inputs and vendor data.

Knowledge and Experience in ship repair and new building yard.

Knowledge of Blasting standards and all types of surface preparation

Knowledge of Painting specification & classification of paints

Knowledge in all types of paint application methods

Knowledge in assesment of areas for blasting and painting i.e quantity surveying

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