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Job Title: Mechanical Maintenance Technician-Power
Location: QATAR, QATAR
  1. Minimum holder of Diploma /Technical Trade Course in respective discipline
  2. Good English verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Basic computer skills including working knowledge of Microsoft Office and CMMS.
  4. Good fault finding skill.
  5. Capable to work under pressure.
  6. Capable to work in a multi-national environment.
Department: Power Plant
Experience: Minimum of five years’ experience as Maintenance Technician in a combined cycle power plant of similar capacity
Apply Before: 2020-12-19

Job Description


  1. Ensure safe, efficient and timely execution of all assigned maintenance tasks.
  2. Effective usage of CMMS & update information for day to day maintenance activities in CMMS.
  3. Ensure optimum use of resources during execution of maintenance tasks.
  4. Diagnose technical faults of equipment and process and rectify the same.
  5. Prepare method statement for the assigned maintenance tasks.
  6. Technician is a COMPETENT person, he will be responsible for Risk Assessment, and he will be responsible for Risk Assessment, receive and clear Safety Documents as per Safety Rules.
  7. Carry out periodic inspection of all general tools, special tools, lifting gears, ladders, workshop machineries, repair devices and equipment.
  8. Report to Maintenance Engineer(s) to procure spares and consumables if the level reaches to minimum.
  9. Available on calls and respond immediately during plant outage/ emergencies.
  10. Inspection of newly received spares according to specification.
  11. Reporting to the respective Maintenance Engineers on weekly basis.
  12. Operate forklift, man lifts and overhead cranes as required.

Job Resposibilities

  1. Ensure strict adherence to all applicable QEHS guidelines and rules while carrying out various maintenance jobs.
  2. Strives to maintain an injury free environment by ensuring that personnel under his control are in the use of all recommended PPE at working area.
  3. Responsible for safeguarding the environment by strictly following the environmental guidelines.
  4. Responsible for supervising the Workers/Helpers working under him with emphasis on EHS.
  5. Responsible for reporting any type accident/ incident, near miss to his supervisor.
  6. Ensure compliance with Governmental and M Power policy/ regulations in respect of Environmental, Health and Safety aspects and obligations.
  7. Responsible for keeping maintenance records using approved forms/check sheets/templates as per the IMS procedures.

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