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Job Title: 11-Work Preparator (Steelworks)-Machine Shop
Location: Qatar, Qatar

DAE Or Relevant Certification

Department: Human Resource
Experience: 05 years of experience
Apply Before: 2021-03-13

Job Description

Identification of the scope of work from specifications, work lists and on-board inspections. Control of work preparation on assigned project (s). Prepare development work, drawings, materials and submit work preparation forms to foreman.

Job Resposibilities

Key Accountabilities:  Day- to-day operations

  • Assist Supervisor and Foreman to identify the scope of work from Owner's specifications, tenders, work lists, on-board and shop inspections.
  • Preparation and updating of "mark-up" drawings and as built drawings.
  • Preparation of related drawings for approval by relevant parties.
  • Also controlling of the client issued drawings or drawings issued by engineering department.
  • Prepare and maintain the drawing index and control the revision. Ensure right drawings are issued to production and recollect all the obsolete drawings from the production.
  • Raise materials requisitions.
  • Developing work descriptions.
  • Liaison with Owner representative, PJM, Invoicer, other trades and other sections within Department
  • Follow the day-to-day operations related to own job to ensure Optimised flow of work

Safety, Quality & Environment

  • Comply with all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls to ensure a healthy and safe work environment

Related Assignments

Perform other related duties or assignments as directed

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