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Job Title: 23-Pipe Welder
Location: Qatar, Qatar
  • Primary education; Able to read and communicate in simple English language.
  • Minimum certification / qualification in welding activities in either 1G/2G/5G or 6G positions in manual metal arc welding process.
Department: Human Resource
Experience: At least 6 months of relevant working experience in a related industry or shipyard • Orr Minimum 3 months of hands-on training in welding
Apply Before: 2021-03-13

Job Description


  1. Commitment to Core Values
  2. Knowledge of Shipyard Operations
  3. Verbal Communication Skills ii. Functional

Level 1 Competencies

  1. Knowledge of welding machines and welding processes.
  2. Knowledge of welding polarities & welding consumables.
  3. Knowledge of welding consumable handling.
  4. Knowledge of hazards associated with welding fumes, arc and electric shock. Level 2 Competencies
  1. Knowledge welding procedure specification
  2. Knowledge of welding defects
  3. Knowledge of causes of welding defects.

Basic knowledge of drawings or blueprints

Job Resposibilities

To ensure that the jobs assigned by the Department are completed in accordance with applicable welding procedure specification respecting safety requirements

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