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Job Title: 42-Group Leader — Blasting/Painting- Shipwright
Location: Qatar, Qatar

. Generic

  1. Commitment to Core Values
  2. Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  3. Computer Literacy (Microsoft Office/Excel)
  4. Leadership Skills
  5. Knowledge of Shipyard Operations

ii. Functional

1)    Knowledge of section related activities

Department: Human Resource
Experience: At least 3 years' relevant working experience in a related industry.
Apply Before: 2021-03-13

Job Description

To complete any assigned tasks his superior assigns to him in a productive and safe manner.

Job Resposibilities

  1. Carries out the responsibility for SHEQS defined in the IMS manual.
  2. Instructs and supervise their workers to perform repair jobs according to the Owner's requirements as defined in the Reference sheets, whilst taking note of any safety instructions and precautions.
  3. Ensures that good housekeeping is maintained at the workplace.
  4. Ensures that all safety procedures and regulations are complied with.
  5. Plans and schedule production within the sphere of his responsibility and authority.
  6. Maintains the quality and quantum of production.
  7. Uses materials in an economical manner.
  8. Creates requisition to stores for tools, equipment and materials.
  9. Inspects and care for tools and equipment.

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