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Overseas Recruitment

Mackinnons has been providing overseas recruitment services from Pakistan’s large pool of qualified professionals for more than 50 years. It has made valuable contribution to the Pakistan’s economy through its services as a high value exporter of human resource capital.

Mackinnons has placed qualified professionals in various positions in the booming commercial economies of the Middle East.

It undertakes complete responsibility along with a comprehensive scrutiny of the candidates in line with principals’ requirements. A transparent recruitment process ensures that its principals are in complete control over the recruitment process. In addition, Mackinnons reputation in industry and cordial interaction with government agencies enable efficient processing of recruitment formalities.

The work involves close liaison with agencies such as the Bureau of Immigration, Protector of Immigrations and embassies/consulates of various countries in which the personnel are to work.

Which Mackinnons is able to coordinate effectively largely due to its experience, network and trained professionals.

The Foreign Recruitment Service also covers liaison work on behalf of the families of employees abroad particularly on the welfare side and payments of subsidy allowances and allotments.