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Job Title: Computer Programmer Engineer - MM999
Location: Saudia, Saudia

You must hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems.

You should have a strong background in web development (Experience with full-stack development).

Your software experience should include: HTML, CSS, Javascript (Vuejs, ES6, jQuery), C#, ASP/VB, SQL.

You must be able to demonstrate the ability to administer SQL databases.

You should possess the ability to administer routine Windows server related issues (IIS configuration, users/groups, batch scripts, task scheduler, etc.).

Experience supporting non-technical users i.e the ability to translate business requirements into technical requirements is also required.

Department: oil and gas
Experience: You should have a strong background in web development (Experience with full-stack development)
Apply Before: 2022-12-27

Job Description

Your primary role will be as an IT administrator for Global Manufacturing Capital Tracking System (GMCTS) and MCED IT related items such as dashboards and servers.

Job Resposibilities

As the successful candidate you will be required to perform the following:

Manage the Global Manufacturing Capital Tracking System (GMCTS).

Maintain the MCED servers (web server & database server).

Keep regular backups of GMCTS data.

Add/modify auto approval routing for business cases.

Resolve any technical issues in the system.

Add/modify/remove new departments in GMCTS.

Upgrade the GMCTS system to add more features such as adding BI-10 projects part of GMCTS.

Maintain the GMCTS dashboard.

Develop, implement and maintain work processes and systems.

Maintain, develop, and automate technical solutions that directly support the changing business requirements.

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